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Expressive Archetypes

Noelle Imparato uses Jungian techniques to access the unconscious in her art.

by Cara Ober @urbanitemdarts

Touching my pain, 2010. Tempera on Cartolin, 26” x 20” - Noelle Imparato
Touching my pain, 2010. Tempera on Cartolin, 26” x 20”

New to Baltimore, Noelle Imparato was born in France and has lived in California, New York, and spends her winters in Spain. With commercial painting experience and a doctorate in Mythology and Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, the artist combines art processes and psychological theories to create unique and personal images.

“I found my voice when I discovered process art painting through Michelle Cassou, while writing about my family mythology for my PhD. Painting was a Jungian way of accessing the unconscious, especially the repressed feelings regarding my early experience with my family. It was a form of exorcism, a therapy. I still work in this same intuitive, spontaneous style, approaching the white page with an ’empty’ mind, but now that I have cleared the way to some reasonable extent, I come closer to the source, and can express myself in an archetypal way which makes my work more accessible to people. They recognize themselves in my language. I am now exploring ways of expressing ‘truths’ which have come to me through various peak experiences throughout my life, and which are being corroborated by the Buddhist studies and meditation I have undergone throughout the past two decades.

“I am still new to the life in Baltimore, but I am very excited by its wonderfully young, creative, eclectic community of artists and all their notable activities. I feel also supported by all the various opportunities the town offers to exhibit one’s art.”