Mission Statement

UNION SQUARE STUDIO offers a safe place for Mindfulness meditation sessions and Painting for LIFE workshops whose main object is to create a healing practice.



Expressive Archetypes

Noelle Imparato uses Jungian techniques to access the unconscious in her art.

by Cara Ober @urbanitemdarts

Touching my pain, 2010. Tempera on Cartolin, 26” x 20” - Noelle Imparato

New to Baltimore, Noelle Imparato was born in France, has spent 30 years in California, returned to France for 10 years while spending her winters in Spain before returning to the US.  With commercial painting experience and a doctorate in Mythology and Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, the artist combines art processes and psychological theories to create unique and personal images.

“I found my voice when I discovered process art painting through Michelle Cassou, while writing about my family mythology for my PhD. Painting was a Jungian way of accessing the unconscious, especially the repressed feelings regarding my early experience with my family. It was a form of exorcism, a therapy. I still work in this same intuitive, spontaneous style, approaching the white page with an ’empty’ mind, but now that I have cleared the way to some reasonable extent, I come closer to the source, and can express myself in an archetypal way which makes my work more accessible to people. They recognize themselves in my language. I am now exploring ways of expressing ‘truths’ which have come to me through various peak experiences throughout my life, and which are being corroborated by my Buddhist studies and meditation practice, which I have undergone throughout the past two decades.

“I am still new to the life in Baltimore, but I am very excited by its wonderfully young, creative, eclectic community of artists and their notable activities. I feel also supported by all the various opportunities the town offers to exhibit one’s art.”